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Bruins lose VERY close doubles point

May 19, 2011


Ahhh, and we lose a close one…just it was RIGHT there for us. It was an absolute scream feat and chest pounder out there–unfortunately we came up points short. At the end of the day, they played better in the big points..and that was the only difference. We had an endless amount of break points and could just not convert.

But, we were a lot closer in doubles–only points away–compared to when we played them last so we feel good about it considering the outcome.

It’s down to singles and we need four wins–we did it before and we are going to do it again. LETS GO!!!!!


AND WE ARE OFF! UCLA v Baylor starting NOW!

May 19, 2011


We just did our pump up yell and the Bruins have taken the court–HERE WE GO!!!!!!

Bruins down 1-3

May 14, 2011

I don’t really know what to say except we are down to our last breaths….I’ve been too nervous/busy yelling to blog!

Basically, Daniel is on serve 3-3 in final set and Amit split and is beginning to start the 3rd. And then Holden battling down 2-3 in the third set, too; we have to win all three.

Let’s go BRUINS!

Bruins fall in doubles to Ole Miss

May 14, 2011


Well, doubles definitely did not turn out like we wanted…Alex and Amit never really got it going and despite energy on the others courts, no one could really pull through.

It came down to courts 2 and 3 and while DK/Holden were down the entire time, they kept it close. The big turning point was on doubles 2 when Amit/Warren had a bunch of break points at 3-3 and could not convert–after that is was downhill.

But it’s over; truthfully, while the doubles point is huge (I won’t hide that), this match is ANYTHING but over. As Coach said after doubles to the team, everyone has a great chance to win their match in singles. I have FULL confidence we will do.

Fire it up Bruins–it’s crunch time! LETS GO!!!

And we’re off! Bruins vs Rebels NOW!

May 14, 2011


Alright folks, the moment we have all been waiting for–a trip to the Sweet 16 is on the line and it all starts NOW!

We ended up starting a few minutes before my previous guess of 3:30 but after the scheduled 3pm. Regardless, doubles is about to start! For those of you not at LATC, cheer us on in spirit.

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!

Bruins take inaugural doubles point

May 13, 2011


And yes, Bruins are on the board! I can say that I think everyone was a bit tight as courts one and two were very close. And to Binghamton’s credit, they played solid.

However, DK and Holden with ease 8-0 in a matter of minutes and Amit and Warren eventually pulled away for a 8-4 victory.

Singles about to start…let’s go Bruins!


Bruins lose doubles, singles underway…

March 26, 2011


Well, we again fell just short in doubles, losing courts one and three like yesterday. Clay and DK were down an early break and never recovered but still, things looked promising at CT. 2 and a battle at no. 1 dubs.

Alex and Adrien were playing great against arguably the top doubles team in the country. At 5-5, Alex and Adrien were up 30-0 and the next point, Alex threw up a short lob that was a let because a ball rolled on the back of the court. Although I understand that Stanford was going to win the point, by rule, it should of been a let. Regardless, it was ruled Stanford’s point as we spoiled a break opportunity. That changed the momentum as the Cardinal won the remaining games–and the doubles point. And like yesterday, Warren/Amit pulled out no. 2 dubs in a tiebreak but the point was decided.

But man, this is a winnable match–the next couple hours are very important o our season and as long as EVERY guy goes out and fights his heart out and plays smart, I know we will be fine. It’s one point for Stanford and we need four out of the six matches to take this thing.

So let’s do it….GO BRUINS!