Bruins fall 4-3 to Baylor in five hour thriller

Hard to put it all in words tonight Bruin nation–our journey stopped early, unfortunately. Thank you ALL for your support tonight…I will personally remember this night for years to come.

I’ll blog tomorrow with my final thoughts on everything. Heartbreaking (in every sense of the word) loss but extremely proud of the team–and even prouder to be a Bruin. Until tomorrow, good night and GO BRUINS.

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4 Comments on “Bruins fall 4-3 to Baylor in five hour thriller”

  1. Ramona Says:

    Tough loss but everyone played their hearts out, what a battle. Good luck to you Barry as you move on to bigger things at Columbia, you will be missed next season, great work! Go Bruins!

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey Mrs. Brigham,

      Thanks for all your support all season long! I always love seeing you and Mr. Brigham out there each and every match–you are all biggest fans! And personally, thanks for supporting me and your continuous words of praise issued my way; I really appreciate it all! Thanks for reading and I will definitely miss it all next season. It was a great four years but I will always be a Bruin. Thanks for everything. 🙂

  2. Emily W. Says:

    Bruins, keep your head up! Every player all played a very hard-fought match and left everything on the courts. Everyone showed so much heart out there. I mean, Baylor had to earn every single point.

    Definitely a heartbreaker, but this will surely be a huge motivation for the guys next year.

    Barry, thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the team – if no one takes over this blog from you, well, I’ll definitely miss reading it!

  3. KJW Says:

    I just recently became a fan of UCLA tennis when I saw you guys play at the Ojai. And all I have to say is “Wow!” I was so inspired by the way in which each and every player held themselves. My inspiration grew after reading the detailed blog on the Ole Miss comeback. This inspiration became greater(even though I didn’t think it could) as I watched (via internet) the UCLA/Baylor “fight to the finish”. Although I do not know any of you personally, I have gained a certain admiration and respect for the entire team. I truly appreciate watching the fire and passion the UCLA team possesses, it’s an amazing site to see. I understand the “sting” of the loss is still upon you, but I have this gut feeling that you will bounce back with vigor and audacity. The passion you/the team brings to sports (on the court and in this blog) inspires me to be passionate about life. I just wanted to share my appreciation and wish each and every team member good luck in their tennis career and in their life!!!

    Best wishes,
    Your newest fan

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