Oh, what a night of food and fun for this band of Bruins!

Good evening everyone! Many of you will be reading this tomorrow morning, as late-night shopping and meetings with Coach delayed this evening’s blogging extravaganza (I wish!). In all honestly, not much to report except to share our amazing experience at our “host” family tonight; the tournament organizes families to have all the teams over for dinner a night before the tournament starts and tonight was our night. This being my 4th NCAA, appropriately, this is my 4th “host family” dinner…and wow, was it amazing!

First, we found our way to this absolutely beautiful suburban style house fit for kings (and queens)! Immediately, we were showered with warmth, appetizers, and plenty of sports competition by the way of basketball shootouts and table tennis. Not to mention HD offering of the Thunder-Mavs Game 1. Anyway, we had a stunning dinner table all set for us and the food, well, was just out of this world–so to speak. We had our own little Salad bar to start, then followed by filet mignon’s and chicken–freshly grilled–with pasta, mashed potatoes, white bean salad, and some grilled veggies. It was unbelievable, truthfully, and just don’t know how to describe such a meal that they put on for us! And of course, a “make our own” sundae/ice cream bar just for us.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and a delicious meal. We thank our host family so very much and look forward to seeing them in some blue and gold on Thursday! As for tomorrow, Bruins going to get some sleep, get breakfast at the hotel, and then focus on on day-before hit. Things are still pretty loose right now in terms of our demeanor and attitude as we are going to try and keep it that way tomorrow before the match. We are underdogs and have no pressure going on.

Anyway, until tomorrow, GO BRUINS!

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One Comment on “Oh, what a night of food and fun for this band of Bruins!”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Gee I wish I was there for the dinner sounds like it was great, anyway Barry keep bloging u do a wonderful job! see u at stanford on thursday

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