Bruins finish their hit and relaxing before NCAA banquet

To follow up where I left off, we were able to hit at the Stanford courts where we will play tomorrow and there was definitely some good tennis that was being played. Seriously, everything really looks loose and there were a lot of smiles on the court. You always want to go into the night before the match knowing you prepared well and feeling well, and I feel confident that each of us feel that way. No new is good news, right? We went about our business today and have a few hours to relax before the NCAA team banquet tonight at 7:15pm with all 16 men’s and women’s team. It’s always a lot of fun seeing everyone dressed up and looking all spiffy–even hard to recognize some people!

Anyway, I’ll definitely blog tonight from the banquet and put up some pictures as it is always an exciting evening and fun to really feel the NCAA atmosphere. And later this evening when I get back, I’ll do a match preview on Baylor, too. GO BRUINS! šŸ™‚

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One Comment on “Bruins finish their hit and relaxing before NCAA banquet”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Have a great time Bruins!

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