(Quiet) Sunday Update

Good evening everyone,

I meant to post earlier today but got carried away with a few things for the trip and preparing my own self for being away for what I hope will be eight days! Regardless, today was indeed a quiet day; the ladies successfully–and a lot less dramatically–punched their ticket to Palo Alto and I know most of our guys got out and hit a few balls today just to stay sharp. Again, not to get a full workout/practice but just to keep their timing.

And other than that, is a day to prepare. Admittedly, I am just¬†beginning to catch my breath from yesterday’s thrilling match but at this point, we have to put it past us. Today we can still reflect but by tomorrow, our bags are packed and we are solely focused on the road ahead. As I said in my blog last night, the whole situation is a bit ironic to me at least–we were literally points away from not even making it to Palo Alto and yet, I feel that we really do have as good of chance as anyone to make a run at this thing.

But we still have three days until we play a really, really good and always-tough Baylor team who are seeded 5 for a reason. Until then, we are driving up with the girls team tomorrow in a giant bus, which will be a really fun (and new) experience for everyone. I’ll keep you updated tomorrow as we make our way to Palo Alto–literally that is!

Thanks for the support everyone. GO BRUINS!!

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One Comment on “(Quiet) Sunday Update”

  1. carl Says:

    Good luck to both mens and womens team. GO BRUINS!!!

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