UCLA dominates Binghamton 4-0 in 1st Round


Well, that was easy, right? Only 5 matches to go! All joking aside, it is never easy and 5 matches, truthfully, is an eternity. But for a night, we are on our way. Although we started a bit tight in doubles, we pulled through with ease at court no. 3 and no. 2 which gave us nice momentum going into singles. These 1st Round matches are never about winning, per say, but about gaining confidence and setting our mental fortitude for the battles aehad (aka tomorrow).

For a quick recap, singles was basically domination on each court. Max was first to jump on the board winning in the extremely rare double bagel scenario–6-0, 6-0. Just a giant performance out of him. Next our Captain, Amit, played well and was very aggressive throughout–he won in style with ease, too. Then it was a race to see who would clinch! Clay and Holden each were leading 5-2 and 5-1 respectively, and Holden clinched the match for us before Clay (and Daniel and Adrien) could finish their matches.

It is important that we came out and did not drop to their level, but played at ours. Truthfully, I  think we did that today; everyone in singles dominated, was aggressive, and acted like they were on a mission out there on the court. Trust me, that is how you have to look at it. Every point, every set, every match is one step closer to an NCAA Championship and nothing is going to stop us. They took it upon themselves to dominate today and I liked our performance overall.

Of course, tomorrow is a different ballgame; Ole Miss, despite being #28, are a really good team that, frankly, should be ranked higher. The stakes are raised–it’s win or go home. I’ll get into a pre-match analysis/scouting report later this evening. For the next hour or so, we are going to savor the victory and head to another team dinner. And after that, it’s all business.

My only request is COME OUT AND CHEER US ON TOMORROW! This is my final home match as a Bruin as it is for Amit and Holden, too. And again, it’s do or die against a very talented team–we need all the support we can get. Until later tonight, GO BRUINS! 🙂

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