Day 1 at LATC


Good afternoon Bruin fans–just wanted to check in and let you know the Bruins are here and ready for their 1st Round match against the Binghamton Bearcats.

I’ve been up early this morning setting up, taking the team to breakfast, etc–as has Grant and the other managers and coaches. It’s like clockwork around here; we have all done this routine for years now and know what needs to be done to be successful. We’ve done our part now it’s time for the players to do theirs–and I know they will.

Anyway, Ole Miss and UC Irvine are in the midst of singles. Ole Miss won the doubles point with ease but are currently in a dogfight–so to speak–and the victor is up in the air still.

It’s hard to say if this match will finish on time but we will be ready regardless. Stay tuned!


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