The day before the storm!


Good afternoon Bruin aficionados! It’s a beautiful spring day here at UCLA and slowly but surely the buzz is starting to develop around LATC. Our opponent, the Binghamton Bearcats, practiced this morning and looked ready to go. Ole Miss just arrived for their hit about an hour ago, too–it’s here folks!!

Anyway, the guys are getting their NCAA-allowed two hour hit and Coach Martin has them really focused; no talking on the court, all hitting. And that’s how it should be…we have to get not only our bodies ready for what is before us but maybe even more importantly, our minds.

I had a chance to speak with one of our two seniors, Amit Inbar, about this being his last full practice at UCLA. You’ll see the picture below–he is ready to go and excited to lead this team tomorrow and as far as we go!

Tonight we will have our customary team dinner prior to our 1st Round match. I’ll blog after and give my pre-game analysis for the match tomorrow. Hopefully I get to do many of them!

Stay tuned and check often–GO BRUINS!




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