Day 1 Bruin Recap at Pac-10 Championships

Hey Bruin fans–sorry for a late-ish update! Finally getting a chance to blog after a very busy day and I think overall, it really pretty well. It was a beautiful day in Ojai and as always, a great crowd for all of us. The day started off early, with most of us waking up at the crack of dawn; Adrien had an 8am match as Warren and Max followed at 9:30am.

Adrien, despite an initial slow start, dominated his opponent from Washington, winning with ease 6-4, 6-1. At one point, he won 14 straight points and 6 straight winners! Following him, Max lost a rough match to Stanford’s Dennis Lin; admittedly, I think Max would say it was not his finest match. He got off to a slow start and never really recovered. But for the Bruins, the action kept going like a domino….Max lost but Warren’s match had started down on the Lower Libbey courts (for those people who have been to Ojai before) and he won decisively against Cal’s Sky Lovill. Despite recovering from illness, he showed a lot of heart and battled that one out.

The next “batch” of matches started with Alex Brigham as he took on USC’s Steve Johnson, the #1 ranked player in the nation. Obviously, this is a tough matchup for any player, but overall, Alex really made him earn it and battled hard. He ended up losing 6-3, 6-4 (I believe off the top of my head) and both sets were very, very competitive. Despite being down 1-4 in the second set, he battled back to make it 4-4 before losing the last two games. Still, a solid effort against one of the best in the country. Behind him on court with Mr. Clay Thompson, who absolutely drilled Johnathon Dahan from Cal–he used his big forehand and big serve to win points and took Dahan out with relative ease. Clay has been playing some great tennis recently and this morning was no different. Lastly, Amit, too, has been playing well coming off his big USC win, and dominated Arizona’s Frank Chen in about an hour–6-0, 6-3.

So, with Alex and Max out and Warren done for the day (he is in the Invitational Draw and only played one match today), the second round would feature Adrien, Amit, and Clay–in that order. Adrien, by far, wins the Bruin MVP for the day–he took on Stanford’s no. 2 player Ryan Thacher after a tight first set, he came back to win the second before winning an absolutely epic third set tiebreak, 7-5! A HUGE win for Adrien that showed both his skillset and heart. Great effort against a really, really great player in a pressure-packed match situation. Amit, too, took on one of those Stanford Cardinal’s; Amit played the very talented Alex Clayton, and won in straight sets after a very tight first set tiebreak that he pulled out. Amit showed the confidence in that first set and big win for him, too, against a great player as well. Unfortunately, Clay did not fare so hot–he lost his match 3-6, 5-7 against Raymond Sarmiento of USC. I did not get to see it, honestly, but the way Clay was playing, Sarmiento must of played well and I’ll have to talk to Clay and see what happened. Still, it’s his first Pac-1o Championships of many and no doubt he will have great success here in the future.

Overall, I think, today’s was pretty successful–we have two guys in the main draw singles and one in the Invitational draw, with doubles starting tomorrow. The weather was great, guys had a good time, and it was, again, a relatively great day all around. Compared to duel matches, the Ojai tournament is a breeze; it is pretty relaxed and no doubt we all felt that–for better or for worse–today. So that’s a wrap from Ojai.


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