UCLA VS. USC — This is what COLLEGE TENNIS is all about!

Well, I could give some inspirational speech about how special this rivalry is and how this is my last true home game as Bruin manager–after four years (hard to believe, really). But you know what, I’m too excited for all of that because folks, there IS nothing that I can write or portray that truly can explain the excitement of UCLA-USC in any sport. Coach said that we will remember tomorrow for the rest our lives–win or lose. I know for me, it’s my last home game, my last time against USC (most likely), and it is special already.

With that being said, I could go over the match-ups and few game plans–we know them very well. But again, you know what? It ain’t matter! All that tactical stuff is thrown out the window. It’s about guts. It’s about fire. It’s about passion. And it’s about heart. We have all those things and I know that “if we all lay our hearts on the line, gentlemen, we cannot be defeated.” (Name the movie!) I am just so stoked for tomorrow….to get up and put on my blue and gold one last time, to announce the Bruin players on the loud speaker, and cheer my throat out until I can’t talk for the next day. This REALLY is what college tennis and college sports are about. IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME and I can promise you we will be ready–both on and off the court.

Honestly, there is so much to say about this matchup, my last match, the seniors last match, our season, what this means, what the rivalry means, how amazing this all is, and really, just the climax of our up-and-down season. But there will be time for that. What we all must focus on is not the past or the future but the present. Tomorrow against the Trojans. Nothing get’s better than that.

So grab some water, make sure your passion bucket is full, and come out to LATC and cheer on your Bruins. THE BRUIN AND TROJAN RIVALRY CONTINUES. LET’S GO BRUINS!!!

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4 Comments on “UCLA VS. USC — This is what COLLEGE TENNIS is all about!”

  1. JERRY Sullivan Says:

    Well said,Barry! They are pompous. They are arrogant. They are beatable!!!!!!!!

    Bruins—- 4-3 in the last match which of course is won by Clay in Three

  2. Deborah Thompson Says:

    Hey Barry,

    Your contribution to the Bruin’s spirit is huge. We will miss your colorful reporting.

    Yes, we can bring down the Trojans.

    Debby and Tommy Thompson

  3. uclatennis Says:

    Hey Mrs. Thompson,

    Thank you so much for that–I really, really appreciate it. And thanks for standing up and cheering me on today as I was completely surprised that Coach did that for me. It means a lot. It’s been a fun ride the last four years and the best part is that it is still going! Tough loss today but still a lot of tennis to be played. See you both soon!


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