Bruins steamroll Mustangs 7-0…gettin’ ready for USC!

Well, that went well (for the most part)–after a relatively competitive doubles point (and a loss on court 2), we came out absolutely with guns blazing. In result, everyone won in straight sets in about an hour and thirty minutes and gives us great momentum going into the biggest match of the year on Friday.

Following the match, Coach’s post-game speech was full of energy; he stressed using this as a building block going forward. I mean, it’s USC, baby!! On Friday!! Seriously, nothing get’s better. And he stressed to us that, since we won today, we can officially start looking forward to Friday at 3pm. Don’t play the match out in our heads (not yet at least), but start to feel the energy and get your mind excited. Share the news and think about the match-ups. Prepare physically, such as sleep, eat, and stay hydrated. And most of of all, he gave a list of Bruin greats in the Pros currently who messaged him saying “good luck” because they knew it was ‘SC on Friday. As a Bruin, you live for this–and it’s at our place! So post-game speech was less about what happened, but more about what is going to happen in a little less than 48 hours.

So get ready Bruins–I’ll see you all on Friday and post Thursday. GO BRUINS!!!

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