A LONG overdue Bruin update!

BRUIN FANS!!! What is going on?!? Ahh it’s Barry here and yes, I am alive and yes, the Bruins are alive and kickin’! I sincerely apologize for the layoff, right in the middle of our conference season, and hope that you’ll forgive me! The NCAA Championships are right around the corner and I am extremely excited for my personal final go-around at tennis’ edition of the “Big Dance!” As for me and my unexcused absence, I have busy/stressed/emotionally-torn/confused/etc. on where to attend graduate school–you can read abou it here http://barrygoldenberg.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/the-decision-of-a-lifetime-to-stay-or-to-go-ucla-or-columbia/ if you have interest of all in why I have been gone.

More importantly, since I last blogged, we dominated conference foes Washington, Oregon, and Arizona in routine fashion and righted the ship, so to speak. The guys are all playing well, with a renewed sense of energy and passion and I really like the way we are finishing the season. However, those teams were admittedly not the strongest; so for a true test of our character, we played then no.6-ranked Pepperdine Waves on the road. In terms of our chances at hosting and NCAA Regional tournament and putting us in a decent spot for a top 8 or 9 ranking at the NCAA Championships, this match was SO big. And by big I mean gigantic! Not surprisingly, for those of you who were there and/or read about the epic battle, the Bruins pulled off the 4-3 upset in the Malibu and have positioned ourselves nicely for our final two matches.

It’s a long season, folks, and no doubt it has been one heck of a roller-coaster. We started off on fire, winning all of our initial matches and at Baylor before cooling down and going on a small losing streak a month or so ago. But now we have caught fire again, regained our confidence, and maybe matured a bit as a team long the way. Looking back, how many times did I say that Coach Martin tell us that  as a young team, we would experiences some bumps a long the way. Well, we definitely experienced them but kept trucking a long–and in result, we are ready to go as we finish the home stretch of the season. I am confident, excited, and look forward to be here online every step of the way!

On Wednesday, we play Cal Poly at home before the big kahuna–the USC Trojans come to town for the usual 3pm season finale at LATC. If there is any match you come to all year, you gotta’ come to this one! This will be enormous–for both teams–for ranking and more importantly, for pride, as we end as the regular season hopefully on a positive note.

So stay tuned–Bruin tennis is still here and healthier than ever!!! 🙂

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2 Comments on “A LONG overdue Bruin update!”

  1. JERRY Sullivan Says:

    Hey Barry,
    Welcome back. I have missed you. On going to Columbia. Bad idea man. Too cold. Too urban. Too expensive. The grass is not greener. Besides, they have a lousy tennis team!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with your decision!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ramona Says:

    Barry dont go to Columbia, I am from NY and it is way to urban and way to cold but NY is an exciting city!

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