Tough weekend for the Bruins–fall 1-6 to Stanford


Well, I wish I had some uplifting words or frankly, better news for Bruin Nation–unfortunately, that is not the case. We lost 6-1 to Stanford, leaving NorCal 0-2…my first time as a Bruin doing so. In fact, first time in my four years we have lost to to Cal (ever) and Stanford in PAC-10 play. But it happened and we are on our way home.

As for the match, it just didn’t happen for us today; I would not say lack of effort by any means, just we got beat. Although doubles just fell from within our grasp, I felt confident going into singles. DK lost a close, well-played, intense and hard-fought match to the NCAA Singles Champion Bradley Klahn. Despite a slow start, Amit fought back and lost a nail-biting second set tiebreak. And on court three, no one has more heart than Clay but he just got beat by a really talented and more experienced player in Alex Clayton. on the back courts, Adrien was our lone win of the day, bouncing back nicely from his Cal loss. At number five, Max lost the first set but stormed back to win the second–although he retired in the third, I’m confident he would have won if we needed him. And lastly, at no. 6 in only his second singles match of the year, Warren lost in two close sets. When Stanford was serving for the match at 5-4, Warren played an inspired game and broke back. Like everyone, he fought hard and played with heart but just fell short.

In result, we got beaten–thoroughly–6-1. But we have no choice but to move forward; no doubt this was a tough weekend for us. I mean, for me, I was the only guy there who has been there all four years and by far was the most disappointing weekend of my career. HOWEVER, we must NOT lose sight of our end goal of an NCAA Championship–we are Bruins and we must trudge forward by working harder and correcting our weaknesses. I know the Coaches will be in the office bright and early Monday morning to discuss what to fix/tweak/change to get us back on track. I have FULL confidence in then to do so and FULL confidence in this team–I know the character of these guys and will bounce back like Bruins always do.

I won’t pretend I’m happy with the results of the weekend but I also am not panicking; like I said, I know everyone in this program will be motivated to work even harder to reach our ultimate goal. A setback for sure but we will use these losses as a learning tool moving forward.

On a positive note, the entire Women’s Water Polo team and the entire women’s track and field team is ON OUR PLANE!! How awesome is that?!? Yours truly led a giant 8-clap on the plane, which I already uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Anyway, folks, we rushed to the San Jose airport and have touched down in LA–home sweet home. Thank you for ALL the support. And if you think I’m feeling down, think again; at the airport terminal, not only am I surrounded by my Bruin family, but a young boy and his father came up to me saying how they love UCLA. No matter what happens, it is always wonderful to be a Bruin. 🙂 We will be back–GO BRUINS!

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3 Comments on “Tough weekend for the Bruins–fall 1-6 to Stanford”

  1. Jay Says:

    Haha i kinda feel sorry for any non-ucla folk on that plane!

  2. JERRY Sullivan Says:

    Disappointed,yes. Discouraged, no.

    GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Barry Says:

    Thanks for the support Jerry–I completely agree. Bruins will be back!

    And Jay, haha, it was awesome! I saw after we all got off the plane that there was 5 or 6 Trojan athletes on their, too. Made it all the more sweeter 🙂

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