Bruins lose doubles, singles underway…


Well, we again fell just short in doubles, losing courts one and three like yesterday. Clay and DK were down an early break and never recovered but still, things looked promising at CT. 2 and a battle at no. 1 dubs.

Alex and Adrien were playing great against arguably the top doubles team in the country. At 5-5, Alex and Adrien were up 30-0 and the next point, Alex threw up a short lob that was a let because a ball rolled on the back of the court. Although I understand that Stanford was going to win the point, by rule, it should of been a let. Regardless, it was ruled Stanford’s point as we spoiled a break opportunity. That changed the momentum as the Cardinal won the remaining games–and the doubles point. And like yesterday, Warren/Amit pulled out no. 2 dubs in a tiebreak but the point was decided.

But man, this is a winnable match–the next couple hours are very important o our season and as long as EVERY guy goes out and fights his heart out and plays smart, I know we will be fine. It’s one point for Stanford and we need four out of the six matches to take this thing.

So let’s do it….GO BRUINS!

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One Comment on “Bruins lose doubles, singles underway…”

  1. Deborah Thompson Says:

    Barry you rock!

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