Bruins fall (once again) 4-3 to Cal Bears; Play Stanford tomorrow

Hey everyone, sorry for those who have been constantly checking for some post-game analysis–and there has been none. It is a combination of a busy night and my own motivation that has come to write this blog! After we got back, I immediately went straight to the gym and pushed myself pretty hard–both running and lifting–just in time to make dinner at 7:15.

Anyway, it was a tough loss today as there will be no sugarcoating in this post. I mean doubles…just…well…wow. As I posted, it was by far the closest doubles point I’ve ever seen im my four years of college tennis. And I asked Coach Martin after the game and he said he has never remembered all three doubles matches going into an 8-8 tiebreak–and all at the same time! Amit and Warren won at no. 2 7-5, Clay and Daniel lost 7-5, and then Adrien and Alex battled back from 5-1 and 6-4 to lose 8-6. Still, we competed really, really hard and I still felt really, really good that we would win the singles. For all the weather craziness we have experienced this week and even today, it really did not play much of a factor; the entire match was pretty high intensity, especially doubles.

So on to singles…we just got off to a rough start early and it was over before I could blink. Adrien, Alex, and Amit each lost relatively quickly and despite Max. Clay, and Daniel all winning, the match was already decided. It was very anti-climatic and very disappointing to lose so quickly without giving us a chance for the comeback. Max really played fired up at #5 singles today as did Clay at #3–both were solid, mentally strong, and ready to go. And Daniel at #1 was playing Cal’s Pedro Zerbini, the #15 ranked player in the nation. As UCLA, Daniel lost a really close first set and then got crushed in the second and today it was the exact opposite; DK played an inspired first set tiebreak before steamrolling Zerbini in the second set. Despite the match being well decided, he played great and always such a leader–he told me after the match how much he wanted that win and deserved it. So kudos to him.

Unfortunately, again, there was not much to discuss in singles; every match was won (or lost) in straight sets and they happen to win their three matches before we won any of ours and the match was over. Congrats to Cal for a great win, no doubt about it.

What does this mean for us? Definitely disappointing to lose to Cal twice in one year, which has not happened in a long time (if ever). And for the Pac-10, we start conference play 0-1 and will need some help along the way to compete for a conference title. But we will have no chance if we lose tomorrow so we need to set this match aside–and I think after a nice night we have–and focus on a really good Stanford team. Outside of USC, Stanford has always been such a rival and we all need to focus on tomorrow’s match not just for conference standings, but for national ranking and our own pride as Bruins. Again, this loss hurts but we have no time to dwell–tomorrow is an important match and will be a real test to how we play and come together…kind of like the Florida match following our loss to Tennessee.

Anyway, we are staying tonight in Berkeley before grabbing breakfast and driving to Palo Alto for our 1:30pm match again the Cardinal. So let’s fire up Bruin fans and get ready for a big match tomorrow–assuming it stays dry. Thanks everyone for your support as always. GO BRUINS!! 🙂

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