‘Night from the Bay Area!

Just a quick blog post before I shut down the lights; basically, we have an identical schedule tomorrow with an early wake up call! The guys (pictured above) all came to my room tonight and got some snacks to eat before we all go hit again tomorrow at 8 am, leaving at a little before 7am. Assuming it rains (which the forecast says it will), we will probably try to exercise and then eat later….

…BUT if it does not rain for some off chance, then, it’s match time, baby! I am really excited for a rematch against Cal but right now it does not look too promising. Regardless, today was a surprisingly busy day and really a lot of fun; we had a great dinner (the waitress was a former tennis player) and just did not stop laughing at various jokes and comedic banter. Even though it might be spring break and we are getting up at 6am, man, I’m sure having a lot of fun. For me, it’s my final non-NCAA roadtrip (You can tell I’ve been on so many because my Adidas suitcase that I got my freshman year is just about finished!) And I’m having a blast and nothing would be better if we get a chance to compete.

Anyway, I’m off to bed–everyone napped except myself, so it’s early bedtime for me. Have a great night and catch you all in the morning. GO BRUINS!

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