A busy afternoon with lots of rain!


Hey everyone, so I just got back to the hotel after a long morning and afternoon. As I wrote earlier, we all woke up really early to hit indoors, then found an IHOP close by and had a great breakfast. (FYI the Harvest Nut n’ Grain pancakes are incredible.)

Anyway, on our drive back it was literally pouring–like a monsoon out there! Roads were flooding and you could barely see in front of you because of the water spewing up from the car ahead. However, thankfully, we survived. The guys all went to their rooms to relax and most likely napping while Coach and I went to tackle our errands: pick up balls and hopper, get groceries, pick up lunch. After stopping at a sporting good store, filling up cart with waters, bananas, bars, and Gatorades (and more), we then stopped at Whole Foods and requested 10 sandwiches for all of us. It took more time, but man, so good!

Our night schedule? Coach Kwinta is leading a workout session in the gym at 4pm just to get us all moving a little before a team dinner this evening. I left my computer charger at home so all my blogging will be from my phone, so bare with me!

Talk to you all soon. Stay dry and go bruins!

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