BRUINS AND TROJANS! What could be better?!?

So as I sit here in the USC women’s locker room, my blood is starting to boil and my heart starting to pound–if there is a more exciting thing in the world than the UCLA-USC rivalry, I don’t what that could be. It doesn’t matter what teams are ranked or what is going on in the season because when the Bruins and the Trojans meet, it is special. There is something unique that happens that is unexplainable–as a college athlete, this is what you live for. Either coming into enemy territory or defending your home turf, this is what it is about, baby!

As for today, we are the former; we take on USC today at 3pm (a later match) at their place and for the freshman, is their first match against USC AT USC. And for the returning guys, hopefully reliving last years epic victory–this time hopefully a little easier so I don’t have a heart attack! In all honestly, it is never easy when these two teams meet and we don’t expect anything less than one tough battle and just absolutel grind out there. After the Cal match where we admittedly were not “ready to play”, per say, you can sure as heck bet that these guys are just amped and fired up and ready to go. Combine that with playing USC, nothing could be better.

Hopefully some of you can make it down here to cheer us on–we need as much friendly blue as we can get! But if not, you are with us in spirit and I and (Daniel Vu) will be updating on Twitter as well as blogging as much as possible throughout the match. And don’t forget to check the YouTube channel, too, as I’ll be uploading videos there too.

There is no strategy or gameplan when these two teams meet–it is all about heart, guts, and desire. And I’m confident that we will show all three of those characteristics today. GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!! BEAT ‘SC!!!

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One Comment on “BRUINS AND TROJANS! What could be better?!?”

  1. Tommy Thompson Says:

    Hey Barry, how are you? The scoreboard isn’t working. Could you tweet a little more????? Thanks…..

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