A rough day for the Bruins…we fall to Berkeley, 2-5 [POST-MATCH RECAP]

Hey everyone,

Apologize to those who were checking the blog (thank you!) and I had not updated anything following the match–sorry about that! After the match, I got so caught up reading about our incredible basketball win today in the final game at “old” Pauley Pavilion and so involved with my homework after going to the gym myself, just totally blanked. In regards to basketball, we wiped out the #10 Arizona Wildcats in front of a sell-out crowd at the final game in Pauley Pavilion before it goes under a remodeling, and from what I hear and read, it was incredible! And to have Coach John Wooden’s great-grandson (whom is a great kid…I’ve had class with him before) score the final basketbal is just actually hard to wrap my mind around. Proud of our players and team for really stepping up today and can’t wait for what the future will bring for the basketball team–and the program.

Ahh…you can tell I’m digressing, right? As for our tennis team, well, it was a rough day, no doubt. For whatever reason, the energy 50 feet away in Pauley did not travel to LATC this afternoon. I just think that is the story–nothing more, nothing less. Cal came out like they wanted the match more than us in doubles, and it showed as they completely dominated in doubles (although Warren and DK fought back well on court 3).

I just don’t think we really ever recovered; singles was going to be a grind and ultimately, they were more up to the moment than us. We have plenty of “built in” excuses: we didn’t hit on Friday (they got a set in vs. USC yesterday), we didn’t expect to play because of weather, it was windy (aka a typical Berkeley day), etc. But I’m not a guy for excuses and I don’t buy any of that. They are very, very good team and they played better today and won the match. Again, hats off the Coach Wright and the Cal guys for taking it to us and playing a great match.

The one thing I’ve learned from Coach Martin after all these years is his famous words in that patented scratchy voice: “Never get too up after a win and never get too down after a loss.” I think nothing sums up our mental framework than that advice. Frankly, it was a loss–a very disappointing one at that and one I was of coures angry about. But it is only one loss, to a good team, and most importantly, we will use this as a learning experience. As great as success as we have had to far, we are still a very, very young team and I think we have all learned a lesson today–at this level against this competition, we have to bring it every single time.

Coach said that we are going hit a few setbacks a long the way and today is one of them. Congratulations to Cal, but we will be ready in a month to play them in the Pac-10 counting match and come out firing–I have no doubts about that. Tomorrow we move on, back to the practice courts, and ready for a great rivalry match against USC at their place Wednesday.

Overall, a rough day and tough loss, but it is only one loss, and the best teams move on and use it to fuel their fire. I know that the guys are disappointed and will definitely heed that advice–learn from this, fire them up more, and energize them to work even harder on the practice courts. My confidence in this team and these players is unwavering. Thanks for everyone who came out today–hopefully we see you Wednesday at USC….we will need you!


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One Comment on “A rough day for the Bruins…we fall to Berkeley, 2-5 [POST-MATCH RECAP]”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Yes very disappointing but Bruins bounce back well and they will be ready on wednesday if it doesnt rain. Its suppose to rain in the afternoon!

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