Rain, rain, STAY AWAY! [weather update-ish]

Good morning loyal and amazing Bruin tennis fans,

We are excited to play Stanford today but unfortunately, not only are we going to battle the Cardinal, but mother nature as well. However, I just want to let you know that as of right now, the match is most definitely on. Coach Martin is so great at keeping the guys focused on the match–regardless of weather–as all of our mindsets are squarely on playing the match. We are planning to play, Grant and I are making pre-match preparations, and so 1:30pm at LATC the match begins.

If it rains, well, that is a totally different story. If it sprinkles a bit and then stops, the squeegee crew (aka the Coaches, Grant, and myself) will be out in full force to try and keep things on schedule. However, keep checking the blog and our Twitter page (which is to the right on the blog so you can just check here anyway) for updates.

It seems, at least to me, that this match is kind of under the radar because both teams returned from an exhausting trip up North; yet, this is a big match! We are #5 in the country and trying to protect that ranking against an always really, really good Stanford team. Coach John Whitlinger is one of the best in the business, and today is really going to be an awesome match–I think something like the last seven matches have been 4-3 against each other. But if we want to keep up with the top teams in the country, we have to win these types of matches. There are really, really good teams and then there are great teams; good teams win big matches but lose some too whereas great teams win all the tough matches (easier said than done, of course).

Anyway, hopefully we get a chance to play today. The weather is shaky but still holding steady as of right now. See you all later. GO BRUINS!

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