Bruins are back in action tomorrow against Stanford!

(A sneak peak into the locker room following today’s practice.)

Hey everyone,

I apologize for the lack of updates all week–I have been MIA catching up with school and clearing my schedule for an exciting weekend of tennis, assuming the weather stays dry. Anyway, again, thank for continuing to visit as myself and the entire team (and Coach!) is blown away by how popular this blog is, so keep it up Bruins!

It has been a pretty standard week of practice, really, just catching up on sleep and school. I know a few guys have a few sniffles from the trip, so everyone just took this week to recharge their batteries both emotionally and physically–Indoors always takes a lot of you. Especially when we have two really, really good teams in Stanford and Cal coming to town, we have to be at our best.

However, Stanford, at least, is in the same boat; they got back from Indoors and did not finish well, losing to Georgia their third match. As for our matchup? Really, both teams and coaches know each other so well it is really just about who plays better. They are a top team and we feel we are the same, so it is who comes out ready to play will get the win. For a great preview of the match, check out today’s Daily Bruin article:

But it’s late and I myself want to be amped to go for tomorrow–especially since the rain might hold off so we all want to be ready for an absolute battle with our rival Stanford…it is always tough!

Hopefully if it stays dry, we will see all of you out tomorrow. 1:30pm at LATC. GO BRUINS!!!! 🙂

(And an extra picture I took today of practice too….all quiet on the western front until tomorrow!)

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