An hour and a half til match

John, Grant, Coach K, Amit and myself have arrived at Seattle Tennis Club–the site of our first match agains Louisville. We jwere supposed to play at Washington because we had won our first round but due to a new “rule” (and I put that in quotes because the ITA officials decided it last night) that teams the haven’t played at Washington should get the chance despite losing their matches.

Anyway, guys are warming up and trying to get pumped as well mentally. Once the match gets a little closer I think everyone will perk up a bit–but so fat so good. And Florida just walked in a little after us, so that is always fun.

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2 Comments on “An hour and a half til match”

  1. Jason Sher Says:

    Thanks for the great updates and good luck against the Gators – never liked thoses guys, say hi to Grant and Billy.

    keep up the good work

    Jason Sher

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey Jason, thanks for the support–it is much appreciated! Should be a battle out there and looking forward to it. I just told Grant and Billy you said hello! Thanks so much–go bruins!

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