A night to relax at a family dinner :)

(EDIT: Just got back home and realized that the last two posts had the same picture–it was a glitch from my phone. Sorry about that!!!! I just put the proper pictures back.)

Oh what a nice time here…here are just a few pictures from around the house. Go
bruins! We have some music going, the house smells incredible, Bruins sitting around drinking some Vitamin Water while watching the all-star game–could life be any better? 🙂

Oh and it wouldn’t complete with some commentary from Warren, the man himself:

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3 Comments on “A night to relax at a family dinner :)”

  1. Jay Says:

    “Vitamin Water” love it! i think i’m going to have a few myself

  2. Deborah Thompson Says:

    A welcome to Seattle. Many thanks to the Hardies.

    What a bunch of lucky guys.

    This tournament is an exciting preview of what is about to happen this season. Great college tennis!

    Go UCLA!!

    • Ramona Brigham Says:

      I like that Deborah well said yes a preview of what to come. Enjoy the yourself Bruins you truly deserve it.

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