A few post-match reflections


The video says it all, right? Happy, exhausted, and elated–all at once!

Ahhh….I myself just walked into my hotel room, heavily plopped myself down on the chair, and ran my hands through my hair–just wow. An emotional way to end our three-matches, that’s for sure! It’s my fourth year going through this type of emotional pleasure (or torture?!) yet the nerves still get me every time and each match is as draining as the first one in 2007. My head is pounding and I am exhausted in every way…and it feels good. I know all the guys are just completely drained and all ready to eat, get some treatment, and then go crash for a few hours–they sure as heck deserve it. But MAN, was that exciting! Was it our best match? I think everyone would say probably not and I know Clay definitely would admit he should have closed that one out quickly in the second. But we won and he won and that is all that matters. We escaped with an important victory over a top 10 team and no doubt that we earned that in every sense of the word.

I think the guys are all just happy and relieved we won and can leave Indoors 2-1 and a lot to said about the heart, character, and confidence of this team. The best teams can respond to a loss. The best teams can win when they are not playing their best. The best teams learn from their experiences. I am confident that this match falls under each of those categories this afternoon. It was another very, very exciting–and emotional–win for us and there is not much to be said except that the Bruins have done it again.

And you can’t say enough about Mr. Clay Thompson–with the match on the line, he once again clinched the match in a pressure situation and pulled out the win for the team. He has shown incredible poise for a freshman in these situations and no doubt a leader on this team. However, it was a consumate team effort today; the doubles was fantastic and Alex and Amit played incredible at no. 1 against a top team. So did Daniel and Warren at no. 2. And just as Adrien has done all tournament long, he dominated again today 6-3, 6-0! I mean this guy is incredible! Talented? Yes. But focused and determined? Even more so. You mix those two together and you have a dangerous combination. No one has exerted himself as a leader on this team more than Adrien with his dominant play on the court. And then Daniel, who has played some of the best college tennis has to offer the last two matches (literally), he finally broke through (like I knew he would!) and against a Senior Lacroix in compelling and assertive fashion. Way to go DK!

Just a great gut-check win for us in a tough situation. So proud of these guys. We all need to rest and plan on it before we can now officially celebrate good win tonight together as a team. I’ll have an afternoon blogging hiatus, but sure to be back at it with reflections, interviews, and blogs tonight.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support back at home–we did it Bruins! You all rock! We wanted an Indoor Championship and fell short, but this is a great learning experience for us and something we will get better because of. Until tonight, GO BRUINS!! (And don’t forget to check out the YouTube channel for great videos from today’s match!)

Oh wait…there’s more 😉

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4 Comments on “A few post-match reflections”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Barry ur blogging was terrific i felt like i was there these past three days, great win for the Bruins!!

  2. JERRY Sullivan Says:

    I am exhausted just by your blogs. I can’t imagine being there. Nice job Barry. You really kept us informed and on top of the action


  3. Judy Sullivan Says:

    I sure enjoy your blogs – being able to keep up a little on how the team is doing.
    Great job guys! I will bring some brownies next weekend for this great team!!

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey everyone, I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate your kind words and comments–I read every one and take them to heart! Your support is awesome and thank you again for reading. 🙂 It was a successful trip and I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the year. However, it is definitely good to get back home and catch up…we are all exhausted! Thank you again for your comments, the support, and for cheering on this team. Talk to everyone soon. GO BRUINS! 🙂

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