UCLA vs. Tennessee Post-Match analysis

(I hope you enjoyed the post-match thoughts from both myself and Holden–especially Holden; it’s tough to talk about it after the loss like that so kudos to him for his candid comments.) Anyway, this is one of those matches where there is not much to say–we lost a tough match to a very good team. Could we have won? Absolutely. And I know the guys feel the same way. Tennessee was the better team today and showed why there are a NCAA Championship contender, but we were right there.

If we start better in doubles and get a few more returns in, we could have win the doubles point. And then it probably could have gone down to Max and Clay who were both in good positions to win. But that’s college tennis–little things make the difference. Ultimately, Tennessee played better when it mattered and earned the win. It’s never useful to play the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” game or SoCoWo as my old coach used to say.

But this isn’t the NCAA Championships–we have a long season to go yet! And we have a big match tomorrow against Florida or Duke. Let’s take this and learn from it and move forward. We have to and we will.

Again, I’m not going to short-changed my disappointment; doing so would not be genuine. I always expect to win and always believe we can and we will–that’s why we are all here giving it our all. But we fought as hard as we could and came up short and we must get ready for tomorrow. Maybe we didn’t play to our capabilities but everyone played with heart, so no regrets.

We are all here watching the dubs before we head back to the hotel later to prepare for the match. Until later, GO BRUINS!! ( And thanks for the support everyone :))

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4 Comments on “UCLA vs. Tennessee Post-Match analysis”

  1. JERRY Sullivan Says:

    Winners never quit. This is just another learning experience on the way to a national championship!!!!!

    Go Bruins


  2. Deborah Thompson Says:

    Now our team knows how strong they must be for the NCAA’s.

    Go Bruins!

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