SCOUTING REPORT — UCLA vs. Florida (part 2)

Adding part 2 of my match preview, here is a more traditional analysis of the teams just for a primer for tomorrow!

HEAD-TO-HEAD: UCLA is 11-1 all-time against the Florida Gators, with there last meeting also at National Indoors in 2005, where the Bruins won 4-1.

SCOUTING REPORT: Coach Billy Martin and Coach Andy Jackson go way back and are familiar with both programs and players. Florida boasts three nationally ranked players, Senior Alexandre Lacroix who is ranked 9th nationally and Sophomore Sekou Bangoura, ranked 43rd nationally. In addition, Freshman Bob van Overbeek is ranked 73rd nationally, who beat fellow Freshman Clay Thompson a year ago at the Kalamazoo Junior tournament (high school). Up top Lacroix is one of the best players in the nation, and coming off two great wins of Henrique Cunha of Duke and Bradley Klahn of Clayton, two of the best players in college tennis. In doubles, the Gators won against Stanford and lost against Duke, and seemed to struggle a bit in doubles but still talented as we saw today.

PREDICTION: Tomorrow really boasts two even teams who are of coures reeling a bit after losing–truthfully, I think it is whoever wants it more and seizes the moment to take this very important win. Matchup wise, Daniel at #1 will have his hands full against Lacroix; however, DK has already played some top players here and will look to break through tomorrow. Clay also knows his likely opponent, Overbeek, very well from junior tennis and looks to revenge his loss a year ago. I think this match is less about the match-ups and more about who is more focused–easier said than done–after a loss and the third day of indoors. To me, the key is doubles play–both teams lost their doubles match today which came back to hurt them and are in similar situations, honestly. At the back of our lineup, Holden has much to prove after today’s loss and Adrien played as well as possible at #6, the lone bright spot this morning. My prediction? Of course, I am picking the Bruins in what will be a close match with the Florida Gators.  I think both teams have a lot to play for but I think we match up pretty well against them and really feel confident about our preparation and mental re-focusing that occurred tonight. It is going to be tough, though, folks, as any top 10 clash are battles!

I know the Bruins can do it…LET’S GO!!! 🙂


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One Comment on “SCOUTING REPORT — UCLA vs. Florida (part 2)”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Lets GO Bruins!!

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