Mid-afternoon update

Hey Bruin nation,

First, thank you for all the first support–unfortunately we could not pull out the win today! I’m finally back at the hotel and able to type on my computer (and not my phone!) while also able to relax. After watching Florida-Duke play doubles and a bit of singles, we headed back to the hotel ready to recharge for one more battle tomorrow. Duke beat Florida 4-1 about 30 minutes ago so therefore the Blue Devils will move on to face Tennessee while we will face the Florida Gators, who are currently ranked #9 in the country.

I know most of the guys are getting some massages and doing some stretching, while possibly napping (!) and definitely eating; in fact, I just walked a few blocks to get Jimmy John’s for Clay, John, and myself of course. I used to go to Jimmy John’s all time in St. Louis and one of the things I miss about home! Anyway, that is it…just a quiet afternoon before dinner at 6:15pm. Our schedule is pretty solid now–busy morning, competition, then rest and dinner so it is a “rinse-and-repeat” schedule for tonight and tomorrow because we are again playing at 9am.

I’ll try to grab a few of the guys at dinner to reflect on today’s match/tomorrow’s match to post on the YouTube channel and to eventually post on the blog. Thank you again everyone who has checked the blog and commented, we all appreciate it and hopefully we can pull through tomorrow!

Until later, GO BRUINS!

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One Comment on “Mid-afternoon update”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    hey Barry u r the best commentor ever keep bloging. The Bruins r a great team and I know they gave it their best and they will do the same tmrw. Go BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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