Good morning!!!! We’re right back at it….

Good morning everyone–bright and early!!! The Bruins are up, have eaten, are about to leave to the tennis courts in about 15 minutes. Though the initial wake-up alarm buzz was definitely hard to get up, once we all up, it seems are body easily kicks in–more so than yesterday.

A good breakfast and good spirits all around. We saw some of the Tennessee coaches at breakfast, so that is always fun….the odds of being surrounded by Volunteers in the elevator are pretty good, too! Don’t you just love all living in the same hotel? Anyway, we are off soon and not much to say except we are following the same schedule that worked for us yesterday, except that our match is at the University of Washington instead of the other Seattle Tennis Club.

I am really, really excited and  I know the guys feel the same. At breakfast everyone was still drowsy, admittedly, but I could see the fire starting to swell in his eyes. LET’S GO BRUINS!!!

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