UCLA vs. Tennessee — MATCH PREVIEW

Ahh what a day! WHAT A DAY! After an early wakeup call unsure of our team and unsure of our opponent, we woke up with a passion and won a tough-fought 4-1 victory in the first round of the ITA National Indoor tournament. As previously mentioned, the guys came out of doubles really fired up and as a whole, continued that throughout the match. With the quick ending, we had all day to rest, relax, and regroup in what we know will be another battle tomorrow. However, while it may seem we won “easily” at 4-1, I want to make sure all of you understand that anyone can beat anyone at this tournament on any given day–frankly, anything can happen. For us to pull through is a great victory.

Across the landscape, #2 USC lost literally a nail-biter 4-3 to #15 Duke as the Trojans’ Daniel Nguyen had match points before eventually falling at no. 2 singles. In addition, our opponent Tennessee was fighting for their life before escaping with a 4-2 victory against Georgia, who had a match point to tie the match at 3-3. And lastly, Florida beat Stanford in a 3rd setter to decide the match as well, 4-3.

So what’s my point? Well, for one, every team is good and for two, anything can happen. While there are still matches going on, there was no shutout victories today–quite possibly a first in my four years (a team winning 4-0, for example). We have to go in with this mindset that even though we are the underdog against the #3 team in the country and a very, very talented team, anything can happen. I truly believe and I think the scores today all reflect that level of parity and competition.

In terms of our match against Tennessee tomorrow at 9am at the University of Washington, this is what we hoped for; a chance to play the best in college tennis. We earned that chance today and tomorrow we are going to try and seize that opportunity. I won’t reveal our secrets online, of course, on how we intend to do that….ahhh I’m only kidding! Folks, there are no secrets in college tennis. Frankly, there are no secrets in sports. At this level, it is about preparation, focus, guts, and plain heart. Is Tennessee favored to win? Well, yeah. Are they maybe a more talented and experienced team on paper, especially indoors? Sure, possibly. But that doesn’t matter!! When I see DK put on his patented “game-face” expression tomorrow morning, none of that matters. When Amit does his traditional warm-up jog after the coin toss, none of that matters. When Clay tapes his fingers and blasts his pump-up music before he goes out to warm up…none of that prior stuff matters. As the match begins, it will be 0-0 and everyone is on equal footing. If we go in fired up like we were today, confident in our abilities, and belief in ourselves and our teammates, then no doubt we can win this match against a team like Tennessee.

On a lighter note to end this preview, I just want to remind everyone how much FUN we all had today–together. From feeling miserable in the morning to being excited for the match to the awesome competition filled with fist pumps to the post-game laughs and high-fives to a fantastic dinner and walk through the city, today was fun. Ultimately, in life, that is what this all is about, right? We do this because we love it. But the reason why we have so much fun? Because we go through these adventurous experiences TOGETHER. That is what it is about and tomorrow, win or lose, we will be a team and again, regardless of the outcome, much good will come out of all of this. I know and believe it to be so. So in this spirit, IT’S GAME TIME TOMORROW, BABY!!

SO LET’S DO IT BRUINS! You can follow the LIVE STATS on the Washington website here: http://www.gohuskies.com/sports/m-tennis/wash-live-stats.html

Even cooler, you can WATCH THE MATCH online, too, by clicking the little camera icons/symbols by each score. Thank you everyone for your support…hopefully we can come out with another victory tomorrow for Bruin nation. Until tomorrow, sweet dreams and I bid you goodbye. GO BRUINS! 🙂

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One Comment on “UCLA vs. Tennessee — MATCH PREVIEW”

  1. Jay Says:

    Congrats guys! Awesome blogging barry, but where is the h2h comparison, scouting report and prediction and most importantly spread! Good luck tommorow!

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