The Bruins at dinner!

The Bruins are alive and kickin’! After an afternoon of rest and blogging hiatus (I took a power nap), we walked from our hotel to dinner through downtown Seattle. Check out two videos on the YouTube channel that I just put up after we walked to dinner. (And the picture is us at dinner right now!)

The guys got some good rest I know and seems to be rejuvenated for a fun team dinner. The biggest news of the day is the matches after us! USC lost a thriller 4-3 in the final set to Duke, which is an upset based on rankings. And also, not necessarily an “upset” but Florida also won 4-3 with a match being decided in the third set against Stanford. This is why I love college tennis–best sport in the land! The pressure and drama in these matches are unprecedented. And I mean, this just shows you the level and quality of teams across the board. Everyone is good here and EVERY match is a battle–that’s why I love Indoors!

Enjoy your evening everyone and gosh, thanks for the support….the blog is eclipsing record number of views. Let’s go Bruins!

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4 Comments on “The Bruins at dinner!”

  1. Ramona Says:

    enjoy ur dinner Bruins!

  2. Deborah Thompson Says:

    Go Bruins!

  3. Daniel Vu Says:

    Good luck versus Tennessee!!

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