Bruins are at UDub watchin Georgia-Tennessee

Well well well….the drama continues (or begins I guess) at Indoors! Our opponent is the winner of Tennessee-Georgia…WHICH IS STILL GOING ON! Tennessee, a top four seed, was heavily favored–especially indoors, so this is a bit of a shocker on paper as they are considered one of the best teams in the country. However, Georgia is always a great team and to underestimate them is foolish; Head Coach Manny Diaz is one of the best coaches in the game.

Anyway, Coach thought it would be a good idea for the guys to watch a bit of the match. So yeah, we are doing just that to get a feel for everything. Thankfully, the match is going very long and the longer they stay on tv court, the more tired either team will be–so our best case scenario is happening.

However, also, we are seeing how incredible both of these teams are and the amazing effort it will take to best either of these teams–the level of play is so high right now.

Anyway, stay tuned…no idea who will win. Bruins are waiting to find their opponent, too!

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One Comment on “Bruins are at UDub watchin Georgia-Tennessee”

  1. Bud Kling Says:

    great job Bruins !! We will rise to the occasion and beat either one of these 2 teams.

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