UCLA vs. Louisville — MATCH PREVIEW

Bruin fans, embrace yourself–it all begins tomorrow! After a day and half of preparation, practicing, eating, resting, analyzing, and over-all getting pumped to compete, we finally get the opportunity tomorrow morning against Louisville at 9am at the Seattle Tennis Club. Every team here is talented and Louisville is no exception; it will be a battle but I am 100% confident that each of these players are ready, no, eager to go out there and show the world what the Bruins are about.

Keys to the game? Well, we do not know much about the Louisville team except that they are used to indoors which therefore immediately puts us at a disadvantage seeing that they are used to these conditions. It is imperative that the guys–especially the freshman who will be playing their first big time match–to not panic as soon as doubles begin. New atmosphere, great opponent, and some pressure on the line…let the game come to them, basically and just stay patient. Coach Martin stressed in our nightly meeting that the guys need to stay confident, trust their instincts, and most importantly, stay mentally strong that they will get better as the match goes a long.

Also at the meeting I saw the fire in these guys’ eyes–it’s my 4th Indoors and this type of competition never gets old. In fact, I am as excited as ever and feel like I am a 19-year wide-eyed freshman at his first tournament again! (Yep, you guessed it, my first away match was Indoors in 2008.) I love it and I know I will pop out of bed in the morning (yes, bright and early!) just absolutely stoked and fired up to put on my UCLA gear and to the courts and go to battle. But the best part is, I know every player on this team feels the same way–and that is the beauty of it all. Win or lose, these guys will give it their all just as I will do tomorrow.

After a few days of travel and all this preparation, there is always some buildup to these matches–I’m used to it by now. And overall, I think that is part of the  excitement of playing Division 1 tennis at the highest level. The best players use that excitement to their benefit yet know how to channel it to play well and not out of control. I’m confident that we will do just that!

As always, thank you for all your support–I anxiously check the comments all the time and the views and feel the Bruin love up in Seattle. So folks, the fun starts tomorrow….9am against the Louisville Cardinals. LET’S GO BRUINS!!!! 🙂

Oh, and P.S., at the Seattle Tennis Club (where we are playing this match and NOT at the University of Washington), there are NO cameras so I will try to stream LIVE on the website linked to the  right of this blog to show some of the match–so follow a long!

(P.S.S. Myself and John went down to the Fitness Center and I absolutely just killed myself in one of my crazy workouts–it is how I get pumped for competition, too! This one is for you mom :))

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4 Comments on “UCLA vs. Louisville — MATCH PREVIEW”

  1. Alexi Says:

    Great blog Barry, im glad you keep us updated with the latest! And you caouldnt find a better description for you workouts!

  2. andrea goldenberg Says:

    Hi Barr, I feel the excitement for you and the Bruins! Great pic
    and thanks , you always put a 🙂 on my face!! Go Bruins!!!

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