On our way to the ITA Tennis Indoor Banquet!

Good evening (I think I can officially say that now!) Bruin fans…after a nice rest for the guys, and an unusual but memorable hit for myself and Grant, we are ready to head the University of Washington football stadium for the official ITA Indoor Banquet with all 16 teams. Every player, coach, staff as well as Washington administration and ITA staff will be there to welcome all of us and wish us luck. It’s fun to see all the other teams (and to see everyone dressed up), so I will make sure to take a lot of videos and photos of the banquet to share–not too often this kind of thing happens!

And yes, in case you were curious, Grant and I did have a very, very, well, err…entertaining hit at these indoor/outdoor courts that were very fast; I think they were just concrete painted blue and green! It was one of those things that we heard there were some indoor courts from a friend of a friend–so we thought we would check them out. Well you can check them out here:

In all seriousness aside, it was fun and now it is time to get our game faces as we see all the teams stroll in before we meet tonight. Talk to you from the banquet, where I’ll stream some of it LIVE, too. GO BRUINS! 🙂

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