Lunch and a little R&R (with video!)

Hey Bruin fans,

Just want to give an update for this afternoon as things settle down. Since we are on the early match schedule (9am!!), our mornings are  hectic but it gives us the entire afternoons to relax–so that is what the guys are doing. A bunch of us went down to this great sandwich/salad place called “Specialty’s Bakery” and it was some good food. Right now, I’m sure many of the guys are napping, watching tv or of couse, doing home work (well, they should at least ;)). In all serious, we had a great practice this morning and the guys deserve to rest and store up as much energy as possible for three very tough matches–hopefully four!

I hope you all are checking the UCLA Tennis YouTube page–I have been uploading videos all morning! Enjoy this interview of Alex Brigham and Daniel Kosakowski that I took during lunch! (If it isn’t ready, it might take a few minutes to get working and for the quality to improve–I just put it online. Enjoy!)


As for myself, I am going to go hit with Grant for a little bit–their relaxation=our freedom (and exercise time). Talk to you all soon. We are going squeeze a hit in before the banquet tonight at 6:30pm with all the teams. Until then…. GO BRUINS!! 🙂

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2 Comments on “Lunch and a little R&R (with video!)”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    keep bloging Barry seems like the Bruins Are Ready! Go Bruins!!!!!!! enjoy ur hit with Grant

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