Here come the BRUINS in Seattle!

As I told my friends before I left LAX, the goods news is that I am going to miss the rain in LA…the bad news is that it is going to be even colder and rainier in Seattle!

In all seriousness, we have all arrived in the Pacific Northwest–all 13 of us!! (The eight guys plus the Coaches ad then Grant, myself and John.) Frankly, I’m really stoked–other than NCAA’s of course, Indoors is the most fun because a) it is a long trip so we all get grind it out together and really get settled and b) we play the best teams in the country! And this tourney really settles who is the favorites for a championship this season.

Our plans? The team is about to grab their first hit Indoors (all year!) and Grant, myself and John (we took a slightly later flight) will catch up with them at the courts. The next order of business is to go back to the hotel and get settled–we get to stay at the Crowne Plaza right in the smack dab of downtown and it’s just awesome. We will grab some dinner tonight and plan our our trip as we walk around the city a bit. Seattle was my first trip my freshman year (I actually bought my own ticket!) and it’s fun to come full circle 4 years later–as scary it is to say that. Anyway, downtown Seattle is really awesome and I’m looking foreword to this trip.

I’ll make sure to blog away as we get settled. GO BRUINS!!! 🙂 (As I type this we are waiting for our bags and Grant and John have to finish their movie….)

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