A long day for the Bruins…and preparing for tomorrow!

Hey Bruin Nation,

Ahh…finally a chance to sit down! It has been a crazy with some of arriving in different times, going to different places, scattering for dinner, etc. etc BUT we are all settled now and relaxing in our hotel for tomorrow. Most of the guys got to hit Indoors today which is what is most important–so they all had a chance to get a preview of everything this weekend. I briefly went to the University of Washington and took a few pictures while I was there:

As for myself? Well, Grant and I (it’s awesome having Grant here with me!!) went out on the town, err…city, I mean, and went shopping for food, water, and all that jazz in preparation for the weekend. Check out these pictures from the grocery store…I can tell you one thing, between the two of us, the team will be ready to compete this weekend:

Anyway, since we play at 9am on Friday against Louisville, it is imperative that we all get used to the waking up early–so tomorrow we are grabbing breakfast early and then heading to the courts at the Seattle Tennis Club (where we are playing our first match) at 9am. So the guys, again, are resting and I know excited to really get a full day of practice and preparation before the mandatory ITA Banquet at 6:30pm–all the teams will be dressed up to attend.

In other news, I have launched the official UCLA Tennis YouTube channel where I will post videos from this trip (and future trips and home matches, too) so you can check those out. Many times, they will just be quick snippets that I can post immediately from my phone to the internet–so no more only seeing pictures but video, too! The link is on this blog and also at http://www.youtube.com/uclabruintennis

Until tomorrow my friends, thanks for checking in and thanks for the support! GO BRUINS!!!

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One Comment on “A long day for the Bruins…and preparing for tomorrow!”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    hi barry like the video on shopping the before and after hahaha

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