Our trip to Seattle DELAYED until tomorrow…

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry for lack of updates today–it was one of those hectic days! The Bruins were supposed to leave today at 6:45pm to Seattle for the ITA National Indoors but due to an NCAA rule where teams are not allowed to leave their school until 48 before their first match, we had to push our trip (and our flights!!) until tomorrow morning. Therefore, the eight players plus Coach Martin and Coach Kwinta will leave LAX at 10:45am to head to Seattle while Grant, myself, and Jon our trainer will grab a 12:30pm flight soon after.

Posted below is the draw for Indoors, as we play Louisville for our first match. I don’t really know much about them other than they are a great team–every team at Indoors is great, folks. It’s the best of the best!! I’m super stoked to go and I know the guys are, too. We were of course bummed to take off a day later, but it is what it is, and we will be ready to go regardless. For the draw from the website, go here: http://www.itatennis.com/Assets/ita_assets/pdf/Men$!27s+National+Team+Indoors/2011+(Washington)/2011_MTI_Draw.pdf    And for more about Indoors, go here: http://www.itatennis.com/AboutITA/News/Univ-of-Washington-to-Host-2011-ITA-Men-Team-Indoor-Championship.htm

Until tomorrow, the journey to Indoors starts tomorrow! GO BRUINS!! (and check back often for a wild ride!)

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One Comment on “Our trip to Seattle DELAYED until tomorrow…”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Go Bruins! Yes it is going to be a battle!

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