IT’S GAME DAY!! #6 UCLA vs Boise State

Good afternoon Bruin fans and what a beautiful Los Angeles afternoon that is!! UCLA couldn’t be any more stunning than on a day like this.

Anndddddd to make it better, we got a match today in just under 45 minutes against the Boise State Broncos–always a fun opponent to play. This is our last match before we take on the best of the best in Seattle next week during Indoors so I’m looking forward to coming out with a bang today.

In addition, it is our first match since our epic win against Baylor exactly a week ago–my how time flies. Somehow, quickly, we are entering the thick of our season and I think today’s match is important we assert ourselves today against the Broncos who have struggled a bit this season.

As you can see from the lineup above (yes, the official scorecard!) Coach Martin has mixed up the doubles lineup a bit to see if it can ignite a spark in the doubles play which has been admittedly our weakest link.

Anyway, as the much is underway in a bit, hopefully I get to see some of you out here at LATC on the beautiful Sunday. I know my folks are on their way and I’m excited for that (see you soon Mom!). DK is here warming up and cracking some balls like he usually is–GO BRUINS!!!!!

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