Bruins dominate Boise State, 7-0…off to Indoors!

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the delay in the post-game blog–I am just getting home after being at the courts since 9am(!!) and finally sitting down to blog about today’s win. Really, there is not much to be said other than what I said after doubles play (analysis in previous blog below). It was a great win all the way around except for the doubles, which was a bit shaky. Still, the team showed some guts and fought it out.


But in singles, well, it was all Bruins, baby! Every player steamrolled in the first set (although DK had a bit of a battle before winning 6-4) and then everyone won easily in the second set, with DK again and Adrien the only matches that were even relatively close at 6-4 a piece in the second. Truthfully, we were just overmatched for the Broncos today yet it was great to see everyone play at “our” level and not drop to theirs. The guys came out focused, were aggressive, and came with the mindset ready to kick some butt and it absolutely showed.

Still, all teams are good and Coach was pleased to see us win so handily in singles. Now we can officially start to focus on the ITA National Indoor tournament in Seattle, WA where the top 16 teams will battle for a title. Up to now, we have not seen the type of level and the elite teams that we will see in Seattle. For the freshman, it will be a new–and extremely exciting–experience up North. It is always the best trip besides NCAA’s because not only is it a blast (we are there for 6 days!), it is a pre-cursor for NCAA’s in terms of competition, preparation (matches are back-to-back each day), and overall similarity the NCAA Championships. Seeing everyone in the same hotel decked out in their respective school clothes automatically gets everyone’s competitive juices flowing–I can’t wait!

Tomorrow will grab a hit before packing and preparing to miss, again, 3 days of school. It is important that we clear the schoolwork out of the way so we can not be distracted–although I know I’ll be working on a 25 page paper for my graduate class and 90+ honors history thesis in the hotel. But don’t worry, I’ll find plenty of time to blog!!

Anyway, we really had a great crowd today so thank you to everyone who came out–this year has already been special and I can’t tell you how much it helps the guys when we have Bruins out there cheering us on. Talk to everyone soon…GO BRUINS!!!!

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2 Comments on “Bruins dominate Boise State, 7-0…off to Indoors!”

  1. Ramona Brigham Says:

    Good luck in the indoors and GO BRIUNS! wish i could come and cheer u guys on.

  2. Susan Vasquez Says:

    I have no doubt about the quality of players we have. I am sure that you will bring great results…..i have HIGH expectations! Great blog, the best of luck!
    P.S. I am sure everyone is really sad about missing school!

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