POST GAME EXTRAS: Video of UCLA 8-clap on airplane + updates

Hey everyone,

First, just want to seriously say thank you again for all your support for cheering on the Bruins–it really is awesome and means a lot to myself and the team. I am truly overwhelmed by how much everyone enjoys the blog and happy that I can provide “inside access” to what we are up to.

Anyway, just an update after the wild weekend since there are few things to inform Bruin nation about:

1) Happy Birthday to Freshman Colin Dresser–the big 1-9! Happy Birthday from the team!

2) Holden Seguso, did not, in fact, lose his wallet. After going through extremes to get him through security in Waco and then having Coach Martin call Baylor’s Coach Knoll to look around at the tennis courts to see if Holden’s wallet was left on the courts or in the locker rooms, Holden’s wallet was in his bag all a long. You can imagine the conversation between Coach Martin and Mr. Seguso today…all I have to say is thank goodness he won his match yesterday! (Kidding of course–it all worked out so we are happy and so was Coach.)

3) I forgot to upload a vide of us doing the UCLA 8-clap on plane after we landed in LAX…unfortunately, we were so excited to do it that we kind of jumped the gun because the flight attendant was talking on the intercom as we did it. She stopped and we held, and then we thought she was done but she went back on. We will be more experienced next time! But still, it was fun to end the trip that way despite being so spread out on the airplane. (Only Jon our awesome trainer, and myself were together.)

In other news, we had a team meeting but guys took the day off from hitting before we resume practice tomorrow in preparation for our Sunday match against Boise St. GO BRUINS!

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3 Comments on “POST GAME EXTRAS: Video of UCLA 8-clap on airplane + updates”

  1. Emily W. Says:

    haha, that was a nice 8-clap! ๐Ÿ™‚ Were some of the guys in the front of plane? I couldn’t tell. XD

    And I don’t blame Holden for not realizing his wallet was in his bag. With all of the adrenaline pumping at the end of the match and rushing to catch the flight, it happens. XD And in the end, you guys get a good laugh out of it ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Tyson S. Says:

    Love the blog Barry! Makes me feel like I am back out in sunny LA, not freezing Texas! Hope I can see you guys play again sometime soon! Go Bruins!

    • uclatennis Says:

      Hey Tyson, thanks for the kind words man! It was great to see you out there in your blue and gold–I know we all appreciate the support! Glad we were to pull it out down there. Anyway, yes, stay warm! It is like 75 degrees here in LA today ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, we look forward to seeing you sooner or later, too. Thanks again for everything. And GO BRUINS!

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