Rise and shine–IT’S GAME DAY!!

Hey everyone,

The Bruins up and ready to go!! Sorry for the lack of posts–been busy morning myself getting the team ready. We all woke up relatively early to make sure we got breakfast as some of us ate in the hotels and few went with Coach Kwinta to IHOP. Back in the hotel, we are packing and getting ourselves mentally prepared for a quick turnaround. We are checking out of the hotel and heading to the courts a little before 10am (gotta’ hurry myself!) and head to hit/stretch around 10:30 as I rush out to Subway to pick up sandwich orders for the guys so they can eat again around 11 before they get ready to battle at noon!

I had a bit of fiasco; Coach Martin (and myself after four years) are a bit superstitious and therefore, wanted to keep with our Quizno’s trend of sandwiches. I literally found every Quizno’s in town, called profusely this morning each of the three chains, and no one answers–one I think closed, one is not open until 11am and one is far away. I tried hard, had it ready to go, but it is just too risky to keep waiting and have sandwiches be late or something at that. So I called the Subway in and it’s a done deal! (Pictured below…)

With that being said, I have get all the match food/equipment bag ready for the big match–so I will speak to you at the courts. ALSO, I will be streaming LIVE from my iPhone during times at the match so please check: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/uclatennis   for  LIVE steam of the match! There will also be a Twitter post that will tweet out when I go LIVE, too.

So it’s game day Bruins–get your game faces on and LET’S GO!!!! 🙂

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