What a day in Waco!!!! (Back from practice)

Ahh well, what a day this has been! I’m finally back at our hotel and thank you to everyone who followed my blog as we were running around the town all morning and afternoon. After getting breakfast and relaxing (although both Coaches and I took a quick trip to Baylor), we came back to the hotel to then go to lunch. The team split up between Fazoli’s (how can you not love fast-food italian?!) and a local deli called McCalister’s. Following lunch, we went straight to the courts where spent all afternoon practicing–well the TEAM spent the afternoon practicing and I spent it shoveling ice. I mean, hey, we came all this way, right? So let’s make it happen!!! I was not about to let some ice derail our match from playing.

Anyway, the Baylor courts are pretty fast and the guys, by the end, became pretty used to everything. We had what I thought was a really good practice, intense but fun at the same time as the team got used to the conditions. What started off a bit cool, warmed up, and by the late evening, my phone had said 63 degrees and sunny which is actually pretty hot. Hopefully, if we get that tomorrow, it would be great! We also had some fun games during practice; at the very end, Coach K and Coach Martin were leading two on two volley games where all four were at the net. The stakes? Well, losing team would have to carry the other player’s bag to the car and to their room. With ultra-competitive players, these guys were yelling, screaming, and pumping their fists fighting as hard as they can not to lose! Ohh the intensity, ya’ gotta’ love it!

So that is our day–simple, but yet, fun and tiring at the same time. I’m going to work on a midterm paper due Tuesday (!!) and take a shower before we all head to dinner at 7pm local time; I made a “call-ahead” reservation at Outback Steakhouse in Waco so hopefully we get in on time and have a great dinner. I think we are all looking forward to it after a long day.

Until tonight, thanks for following. Here are a few more pictures that I took throughout the day that I didn’t post from my iPhone. Enjoy!!! 🙂 And oh yeah, I almost forgot….GO BRUINS!!!!!!!

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2 Comments on “What a day in Waco!!!! (Back from practice)”

  1. Haythem Says:

    GO BRUINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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