Touched down in the state of Texas!

Well we made it!! We just got off the plane after a delayed and rather choppy flight out of Los Angeles. As you can see, we are all awaiting our baggage at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport before two Baylor University staff kindly pick us up in two vans and start our hour and forty-five minute drive to Waco! Woohoo! Baylor has–and always is–a great host and we appreciate their aid in our visit. Also, if you are wondering, YES, with the Super Bowl being played in this very city in two days, my pun in the title of this post was fully intended. 🙂

Anyway, that’s our update; we have made the first part of our journey safely before the grind to Waco begins shortly. Coach and I are hoping the Baylor staff allow us to stop and eat dinner to break up the drive–maybe if we offer to pay for them they will? Because if not, it looks like a late night stop at IHOP!! (Chocolate pancakes with a smile out of whipped cream anyone?!)

As always, thanks for checking in–it is important to stay loose and have fun on these trips. I realize as a Senior now that road trips with the Coaches and the team are special and some of the most memorable moments at UCLA. So I’m making the best of it on and off the court–we all are and always do!

I’ll keep you all updated later this evening as we arrive in Waco. Let’s go BRUINS!

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2 Comments on “Touched down in the state of Texas!”

  1. Tyson Says:

    Glad to hear that they are helping you guys out. I PROMISE the weather will be better Sunday. A little chilly, but the ice and snow will be gone tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you guys and the Bruins beat the (hated by Aggies) Bears! Go Bruins!

    • uclatennis Says:

      Ahh we hope so!! It’s still pretty cold this morning, so we are hoping that by tomorrow we can get the temperature up a bit so we can play–right not it is looking iffy but you know the weather better than us! We are looking forward to seeing you too and yes, hopefully getting a chance to beat those Bears!

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