The Bruins have arrived in Waco!!

BRRRRRRR…err..yes, I mean, I have a blog to write! Alright everyone after a rather long–but not unpleasant–journey, we have officially arrived in Waco, TX and ready to get some sleep at our hotel, which is very, very nice. Thank you who have followed my blog on this trip to get here!! Truthfully, we have such a great group of guys and I haven’t had this much fun with this team since my freshman year–it’s going to be a fun weekend together not just as teammates, but true friends.

Anyway, as a recap, we left UCLA at 11:30 to LAX, arrived early, had a bite at Chili’s at the airport because of our plane delay, and finally took off–albeit an hour later. We arrived in Dallas around 7:35pm local time, and waited for our baggage for a while before the two Baylor coaches graciously picked us up from the Dallas airport. In two vans, we drove about an hour and half or so to Waco, where they dropped us off, let us keep the vans, and I GPS’ed our way to Cheddar’s Cafe, a favorite of Coach Martin. We arrived there around 10pm, had a really fun dinner together, and then stopped to get gas before finding a supermarket to get a few groceries but more importantly, water for the guys. We found out way to the hotel, checked in, and around 1am local time, I think we are finally all settled….WHAT A DAY!!!

But we have arrived safely, in good spirits, and all smiles! It is definitely freezing here and yes, we had a few snowball fights in the parking lot already. As for me, honestly, I’m pretty exhausted and am going to head to bed right now, but just wanted to check in one more time. Coach Kwinta and I are probably going to get up early and hit the “Fitness Center” and workout and see what they have to offer for us before we meet the team at 10:15am for breakfast.

Tomorrow’s schedule? Well, I’m not sure! Besides our scheduled breakfast, the weather is supposed to be about 45degrees and if it is that cold, we can’t practice–especially not in the morning as it will be much colder and probably still snow on their Baylor courts. So we are going to play it by ear and I’ll definitely be bloggin’ keeping you updated! Here are a few parting pictures for this evening as I bid you adieu before tomorrow. Stay warm you Californian’s!

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3 Comments on “The Bruins have arrived in Waco!!”

  1. JERRY Sullivan Says:

    It’s a good thing you guys are using yellow balls!!!!!!!

    Go Bruins


  2. Emily W. Says:

    Oh man, the guys look like they’re freezing but their outer gear must make them really warm. 🙂 Good luck to you guys! 🙂

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