Whoo….Bruins escape against UCI; Heading to Baylor tomorrow!

Hey everyone,

My oh my oh my! We are officially over two hours removed from our magician-like escape job against the UC Irvine Anteaters, thanks to Sophomore Max Tabatruong coming through for us in the third set. To be honest, I’m just glad we won; not to take anything away from Irvine, because they absolutely played their hearts out, we needed to win this for our ranking and our seeding and all that stuff. Luckily (or unluckily thanks to Max), we got the “W” and that’s really all that matters. Here is a video of Max clinching the match:

When it comes down for it, Irvine was ready for this match and we weren’t and it obviously showed. We came out extremely flat in the doubles except for DK and Clay at #3, and then while we showed some fight, we had already put ourselves in a huge hole. Still going into singles, I expected us to come out with a fire and ready to show these guys what we were really made of. And well, that didn’t necessarily happen.

Coach was right when he said that their doubles point would make them believe and they had every right to believe they could win–they almost did! They played with intensity, fire, and heart that we lacked early on, with most guys coming out slow. Kudos to Amit and Clay to did win in straight sets, matching Irvine’s intensity. Daniel lost to the #33 players, Chris Kearney in a tight match–Kearney is a really good player to say the least and it was a good match. However, Holden lost a tough two-setter and because of doubles, that is 3 points! It came down to Max, who lost the first and won the second, to pull us through and through some spirited playing and both teams pulling hard, he pulled it out for us.

But its behind us and we got the win and it is a lesson learned for this young team because tomorrow we are off to Waco, Texas to face the #9 ranked Baylor Bears at their house on Sunday at noon local time. We will leave LATC around 11:30am to the airport and then fly to Dallas (hope it’s not too crazy because of the Super Bowl!!), drive about an hour or so to Waco, and hopefully grab something to eat really late–I’m already working on reservations as I type!

It’s our first road trip of the year and honestly, while Waco is a tough weekend trip amidst midterms for us, these trips are the most memorable experiences as a team and I am very much looking forward to it. I will twittering and blogging CONSTANTLY with pictures so check back often–I’ll be your source for UCLA tennis on the road. In addition, I can do a “live stream” from my iPhone, which means that I can shoot video and that you can watch it online LIVE–so I’ll try to incorporate that into our trip.

So until tomorrow, go bruins! Talk to you all soon Bruin fans 🙂

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