UCLA vs. Minnesota in ITA Regionals…coming right up!

Hey Bruins,

It’s a packed weekend as Florida State, Fresno State, and Minnesota are all at LATC (and us of course), vying for a spot to the prestigious Indoors Championships in Seattle, WA. As we speak, Florida State and Fresno State are battling it out with the Seminoles pulling ahead. Immediately after they finish–but no earlier than 1pm–we take on the Gophers of Minnesota out of the Big 10 Conference.

Well, what do we know about the Gophers? Honestly, not much, but Coach has said they are a pretty solid team and of course are from a “Power Six” conference. It’s a beautiful day in LA and those Minnesota boys (trust me, I know coming from St. Louis!) aren’t used to playing outdoors like this so that is definitely an advantage we have.

Truthfully, I think we will pull through this one as the players have been rolling in and seem eager to start their bid for an Indoor Championship. But, as always when we play good teams, it will take a focused effort to come out the victor. Another thing that Coach stressed is that if we win, we play the winner of Florida State and Fresno State; thus, it will be the first time that we play back-to-back matches so it is imperative that we take care of business against Minnesota to reserve some fuel for what we know will be a tough match against either team.

As the match is set to begin in less than 40 minutes, I see Holden putting some sunscreen on and Daniel chowing down on some Quizno’s all in preparation for the match. AND I just snapped a picture of our team leader and captain, Amit Inbar, as he also grabbed his sandwich, water bottle, and towel ready to hit the practice courts and find his groove.

A busy day here at LATC–but exciting too! Bruin tennis coming up soon! LET’S GO BRUINSSSSSSSS!!!!!


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One Comment on “UCLA vs. Minnesota in ITA Regionals…coming right up!”

  1. barryisthebest Says:

    Hi Barry,
    just wanted to thank you for all the time you invest in this team…you are simply the best

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