Another great win for the Bruins!

Good evening Bruin sports fanatics! Just a quick recap of our match against the UCSB Gauchos as it will parallel the quickness of the match; the match concluded in record setting 4:30 pm ending for a 1:30pm match.

As Coach Martin always warns, we have to make sure and bring our “game face” every match and not suffer a let-down after a great, dominating season-opening win against BYU. And while we may have started a little slow in doubles, I think that urgency kicked in as doubles two and doubles three both won in relatively dominating fashion. As for court one in the doubles. Amit and Adrien fell behind 5-6, love-30, and then won three straight games–and a break–to take the doubles match.

In singles, there isn’t much to say; Daniel, Max, and Adrien each dominated their opponents with ease in straight sets. Clay also won in straights, 6-4, 6-3 I believe. Holden at #6 jumped out to a 6-0 first set lead before falling behind 5-1 in the second set before winning 6 straight games–crazy, right? And the Amit battled to win the first set 7-5, lost the second set 4-6, and then won the 10 point tiebreaker in the third.

Case in point?? Well, it’s just about, as Coach always says, being “strong with your minds.” No doubt that we have talent on this team and the first two matches have shown how good this team can be…but it to keep that mental state every match is what makes good teams great. And we have to prove that day in and day out, each match, every set. For example, for example, Holden dominated the first set and lost a bit of focus in the second–it’s about keeping your foot on the pedal at all times!

Of my four years as a Bruin teammate, I might be the most excited about this team; there is just so much potential on AND off the court. On the court, again, the talent is there–we are young, but eager and hungry and I love it. And not to mention we are deep! Alex Brigham and Warren Hardie are both really talented and committed players who would be playing top 6 at many schools–and they will both get playing experience this year no doubt. And also from my experience, we’ve never had a season without some kind of injury, and for once, I think we have the depth to keep our hopeful success going. Alex already has experience obviously, too, and is a star in doubles.

And from here, after an encouraging start, is where I think we see where we rank. This weekend starts the ITA Indoors Qualifying–the winner of the 4-team draw will get a chance to go to Seattle for the National Indoors tournament. We play a tough Minnesota team on Friday at 1pm and if we can get by them, play the winner of Florida State and Fresno State. Florida State, in particular, is a really, really good team; we played them at the NCAA’s a few years back. Also, we will be playing in back-to-back days with something very, very important on the line (our trip to Indoors) against high-level teams. It will be test but already, I love the fire and challenge that this team has approached every day so far. We will need that for two wins this weekend.

In addition, thanks to ALL the Bruins who came out for Racketeer Day on Sunday–always one of my favorite days of the years seeing all the loyal Bruin fans! Hope to see you all out this weekend. I’ll keep you updated the best I can as always.

Thanks for stopping by and GO BRUINS!!!!

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