It’s almost GAME-TIME!!!! (again, almost)…plus belated Sherwood recap

Hey everyone, I hope everyone has enjoyed the awesome LA winter-time weather. With the girls team opening up their season today at LATC, the competitive juices have slowly but surely tricked through my vains. THE SEASON IS ALMOST HERE! Friday we play the BYU Cougars at 1:30 at LATC!

But before I talk about the season, I know I owe all the readers (if I didn’t lose you!) a things from the weekend. As you know, the Sherwood tourney ended this weekend, and unfortunately, as a whole, our team did not fare too well. On Saturday, each doubles team won their first round before falling in the second. The only bright spot in the singles was that Max Tabatruong bounced back from his first round lost and won the Consolation draw, and being rewarded with a nice trophy displayed in front of his locker. Again, I think as a whole, nobody was too thrilled or happy with the way things went this weekend. But hey, that is sports; sometimes things don’t go your way and the best thing about it is that, it is way behind us….

…Because the only thing on our mind is our match Friday. So Sherwood is behind and now the only thing in front us before the season officially starts is one more day of practice. For the freshman, it’s always so exciting and it’s special in the fact that Clay, Adrien, and Daniel will all be relied on heavily for us to do well this year. Therefore, they know that they are extra special to the team and are excited in such. Yesterday, I went to hit a few balls myself and in the evening and ran into Clay in the evening getting a late hit and he initiated, “B, you excited for Friday? I’m so pumped.” As a Senior and someone who has been through the highest highs and lowest lows of college tennis–and seen three classes of Seniors pass on–it is always so energizing and refreshing to hear that. I know that Daniel and Adrien feel the same way about Friday’s match. And in case you are curious, yes, of course, I responded with a “I’m pretty stoked too. LET’S GO!”

Anyway, today, the girls played their first match, and won decisively 5-2. While logistically it causes some problems for us to practice, I actually think it was kind of beneficial to see the girls get ready and especially for those aforementioned Freshman, to see how exciting it is! We practiced a bit on the back courts while the girls played doubles before the top players did some drills with Coach Kwinta on courts 7 and 8.

Other than that, it’s just about go time! Any pressing questions? Feel free to ask! In terms of the lineup, it’s funny, in all the years around the program, if there was ever a year when I just did not know how things were shake up, this is it! A bunch of great players, fresh faces, new possibilities, I’m not really sure who will play where–so your guess is as good as mine. Regardless, tomorrow I’ll blog from practice and give a run-down of our top 8 players and a sort of “season preview” for the team.

Until then, GO BRUINS!!!

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