A beautiful Sunday in LA!

Good morning sports fans! I’m here at LATC on a lovely
winter morning–with the sun shining brightly and the sound of
tennis balls smacking against rackets permeate the air. The guys
are getting a light hit today, working on a few things themselves
before everyone hits the books later this afternoon. Pictured below
is Senior Amit Inbar with his trademark knee bend on that serve of
his–pretty good right? When it is in, Amit’s serve is very, very
dangerous. Not much to report other than spirits are high and guys
getting excited for the Sherwood Tournament this weekend. Coach
always urges the guys to not go two full days without hitting so it
is good to see guys take the initiative and get here in the

Also, yesterday, was UCLA’s annual “I’m Going To College”
event. Basically it’s a large event where thousands of kids from
public schools all across the city come to UCLA to learn about the
school. As our state University, it is important that our children
learn about college and it’s a great event. Anyway, hundreds of
student volunteers organize the event and give guided tours to the
students. Your UCLA Bruins made up 15 of those volunteers and it
was a great, successful event. Personally, as someone who is
applying for Ph.D programs in Education, I love seeing this type of
community outreach from my school and athletes. In addition, many
of the students went to the UCLA-USC women’s basketball game, too!
To learn more about the event, go here:

After the hit today, I think a few of us might grab some lunch in
Westwood before re-charging our batteries for the week and weekend.
Also, our lady Bruins beat the lady Trojans in women’s basketball
yesterday as hopefully our men can do the same! Enjoy your Sunday
with family and friends. GO BRUINS!

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