First practice of 2011

Hey everyone, for some it was back to work today and for many more (myself and Coach Martin and Grant included), it was back to the grind even though it was the first official day of the Winter quarter.

The fall season is always a hodge-podge of weeks and events; all the players are doing their own thing in terms of improving their game and always in terms of individual schedules. But now we are all on the same page and that is why the vibe was very exciting today at practice–all 15 guys were ready to go (and resulted in a full locker room, too)! Even with the rain early on, the rain crew–Coach, Grant, Daniel, David, and myself–were out in full force to make sure the guys could get a hit in today. Basically, we have it down to a science between the blowers, squeeges, giant movable blowers (not seen in this picture), and bringing all the windscreens up so the air can dry the courts.

We all got the couts dried so everyone got a chance to play a bit and stay fresh, and after, the team was in good spirits, bonding in the locker room and catching up a bit before the guys went to some speed/agility work withthe strength coach.

Anyway, we have an exciting first week plan that includes picture day, a giant volunteering event, and of course, some intense in-season practice. I’ll grab the details as each happen. Until the next blog, thanks for stopping by and of course, GO BRUINS!!!

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